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Kite Components - Handles & Accessories

SBFFlat Straps with Traingles up to 70kg line 8.00
SSFFlat Straps for stronger line 9.00
WinderFor holding Sport kite linesml9.00
WinderFor holding Sport kite linemed12.00

PGPro Grips - Handles and winder 30.00
PSPadded Straps - for power flying 30.00
QHBQuad Handles for small four line kites 32.00
QHPQhad Handles for Power Kites 42.00

W350Single Line Winder with 40m line - sml 1.50
W650Single Line Winder with 35 m line - med 3.00
W950Single Line Winder with 35m line - Strong 4.00